Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What color rainbow sandals should i get?(Pic included)?


What color rainbow sandals should i get?(Pic included)?
pink or apple! a lot of people have the tan and dark brown ones.. but white looks good with tan skin!
Reply:i like the sand and the white ones the best because they are neutral and u can wear them with just about anything..the only downside to light sandals is they tend to get the black foot marks and i dont know how easy those shoes would be to clean but they are cute and look really comfy!!
Reply:I would say Tan but they%26#039;ll probably get dirty very easily. So I guess you should get either Dark Brown or Expresso.
Reply:i have the green and the dark brown. I love both, but I also like the tan- to me the tan seems like the original rainbows.
Reply:Depends on what your outfit is
Reply:well, it depends on what outfit you need it for!! I%26#039;d personally end up prolly getting one of the browns....I love brown!
Reply:I would go with white because they are classic and simple. ♥
Reply:Get the Sand color I like it and it%26#039;s not to dark like black it will match everything. So get that color
Reply:dont get the last one get the white or the first one.

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