Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainbow Sandals?

You don%26#039;t have to answer all of these if you don%26#039;t know!

What does the tag on a pair of Rainbow Sandals say?

How long do Rainbow Sandals typically last?

Does it make a difference if it has single or double layers on the soles?

Which kind are better - thick or thin straps?

What is the difference between hemp and premium leather?

Why are the ones with crystals on the straps so expensive???


They have different varieties, like 1 or 2 layer soles and thick or thin strap, with different sizes and colors.

Rainbow Sandals?
The tag just says, %26quot;Rainbow%26quot; on it with a little rainbow.

They will last you for a very long time. My bf has had his for 20 years and still wears them.

The double and triple layer doesn%26#039;t matter much. Obviously with the triple layer you%26#039;ll get a bit more cushion, but whether it%26#039;s more comfortable is a personal thing.

I like the thick straps better because they feel better to me, no threat of them digging into your feet, but again that%26#039;s a personal preference.

Hemp is obviously made of hemp and leather out of leather. It just depends which you prefer. I have the regular ones because I wear them to the beach and they get wet and thrown around.

And, if they are using real Swarovski crystals that would explain the price. Those are the highest quality (Jimmy Choo uses them) and can be quite expensive.

I would try to go somewhere to try on their sandals just to get a feel for what you like. But, if you can%26#039;t they make returns very easy.

Trust me, you%26#039;ll love them. They make the BEST flip-flops hands-down!
Reply:1) tag says rainbow with a picture of a rainbow

2) they last quite a long time--i wear mine religiously everyday... been for at least a year... and they%26#039;re still great.. they have a lifetime guarantee- so no worries!

3) i prefer double layers-just to make them more comfortable and possibly last longer

4) it is your preference for thick/thin straps. i personally only own thin straps because i think they are more girly... thick ones are okay--but they just look a little more bulky.

5) hemp and premium leather.. although leathers are a little bit more expensive-i recommend those over the hemp. the difference is the texture of the soles. the hemp is kind of grassy--not as smooth as the leather.

6)the ones with the crystals are actually pretty new. i guess crystals are more expensive to put on the shoes.. who knows? :P

i really recommend rainbow sandals. they are very comfrotable and they last long time

pale skin

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