Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Eagle , hollister sandals for guys?

i want to start wearing those AE or Hollister sandals , the ones with a thick leather strap or similar to it , my feet and nails are clean and hair-less and i live in Miami , but i want to wear them to school and im concerned that i will be called a South Beach FAG or that girls will find them unnattractive, opionons

American Eagle , hollister sandals for guys?
i used to where generic Hollister sandals in california to school, my girlfriend didn%26#039;t mind them or people in general really... though i dunno about AE sandals, i try to stay away from them American Eagle stufF :D
Reply:I%26#039;m sure if I wore boat shoes to school, I%26#039;d be called a gay fag. See, same problem.

Wear it if you want. Don%26#039;t mind how others think.
Reply:wear what you like. I wear various styles of sandals . my favourite style are the gladiator sandals. They are the ones in the photo
Reply:I think its wierd when guys were hollister but american eagle is more for guys then hollister
Reply:website http://www.nikeshopking.com
Reply:american eagle FERSHER

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