Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Am I the only one who heaves at the sight of 'travelling' sandals?

You know... those heavy duty, airtex, breathable, leather and fabric sandals that travelers and earnest type people wear? Urgh, they make me retch

Am I the only one who heaves at the sight of %26#039;travelling%26#039; sandals?
there%26#039;s just no need, like those bloody crocs you posted about

totally unnecessary . . .


puddy do you have a shoe fetish? you talk about them quite a bit? lol, I bet you are one of those gals who keeps her shoes on in the sack! I%26#039;m right aren%26#039;t I? pmsl!

Reply:Sorry but if you are a regular traveller and want comfort for walking miles.........then I%26#039;m afraid they are the only thing that do it.

Sadly I have resorted to buying a pair recently just because I walk so much.

The question is............why are you so sickened by them, there are other things far worse to get upset about. Chill........

or run and get a bucket who cares!!!!!!!!!
Reply:There are worse things going on in the world.
Reply:nasty things, especially when worn with socks!


Koko, whos Ben Nevis? I might do him in heels

Reply:I don%26#039;t know what they look like, but i pretty much don%26#039;t care what others wear. I buy what i like.
Reply:you suggesting doing ben nevis in heels then?
Reply:lol!! Puddy I hate them they make me want to puke!!!
Reply:ha ha puddy white socks and sandals.they are sick.i hate them xxx

with all the thumbs down on here looks like we have a lot of white-sock sandal wearers.
Reply:lol, you make them sound worse than it is.
Reply:Is this supposed to be in the News or in the Events category?
Reply:you bet ye, they are very comfy.
Reply:where on earth has that come from? were you beaten as a child with them? .....so confused!!!

nanny job

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