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How can I clean stinky, expensive sandals?

I have sweaty feet, and now the leather footbed of my expensive sandals (Wolky) -- $140 for crying out loud -- reeks. I%26#039;ve tried soap and water, rubbing alcohol, even the enzyme cleaner I use to clean my dog%26#039;s accidents. What to do about this annual sandal problem?? Is there ANYTHING that can get rid of that smell? I don%26#039;t want to throw away pair after pair of expensive sandals!!

How can I clean stinky, expensive sandals?
Sunning it may work wonders. Also, they say that acid (like vinegar) will neutralize the smell. OTOH, they say baking soda will also neutralize the smell.

Take a couple of old socks, fill them with baking soda, and tie them off. (You could also try dry coffee grounds or dry tea leaves.) Sun your shoes if you can after every use, and then store them with the soda socks in your sandals to absorb any other odors. DO NOT wear your sandals two days in a row. If you want to wear them everyday, you should buy two pairs of sandals, and alternate days.

Before you put your sandals on, be sure you have clean, fresh feet. Give %26#039;em a vinegar bath, and dab on some tea tree oil or lavender oil (test first to make sure you aren%26#039;t sensitive to them, but generally, they are very mild oils). And during the day, you can wipe your feet with a wet-wipe or other wet tissue. If you have athelete%26#039;s foot, there are things you can do to clear up that problem. That often causes a lot of stink.

Hope that helps! I have had smelly feet too, but it seems to be not so bad these days.
Reply:Probably purchasing a less expensive sandal that you wouldn%26#039;t feel bad about tossing would be the best idea. When things get into leather, it can be darn difficut to get it out.
Reply:Here is a result from ehow. Baking soda absorbs odor in the refridgerator so it should work on your sandals.

STEP 1: Wash shoes thoroughly - inside and out - with soapy detergent and bleach.

STEP 2: Sprinkle the insides of the shoes liberally with bicarbonate or baking soda. Leave overnight, and shake out before wearing again.

STEP 3: Spray shoes daily with disinfectants and deodorizers specially designed for foot odor problems. STEP 4: Apply foot powder specially designed for foot odor problems to feet and/or shoes daily.
Reply:The leather has soaked up the stench..I think uer SOL!
Reply:Go to a feed store and get saddle soap. You think horses don%26#039;t sweat?
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Not knowing what material your sandals are I wasn%26#039;t sure how to answer this.I Would have told you to take a piece of cloth and wet it with white vinegarand run that across the inside of the sandal ,then dry, good. or use baking soda either one of them work good on odors. Maybe put baking soda on them and leave them on all night.That usually helps absorb the odors. Also for yourself use baking soda instead of powder on your feet.
Reply:Bake in sun and spray with Fabreze.
Reply:I have yet to find the perfect solution, but I%26#039;ve found decent ones.

I have used leather/suede cleaner sticks (they look like erasers and then after you get stuff like powder off-which also doesn%26#039;t work for odor control, you can use the brush.) This is a temporary solution and you have to do this every time you.

I%26#039;ve also tried the likes of Clorox Freshcare and Febreze, which work but they make the softer leathers a bit crunchy initially.

Good Luck.

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