Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I need help with gladiator sandals!?

ok so I am officially obsessed with gladiator and strappy sandals, but I can%26#039;t decide on a pair. I need advice!!! Oh and advice on what you wear with them! : )

Which do you girls like?





as you can probably tell, I%26#039;m VERY indecisive and don%26#039;t like to invest without some insight from other ladies. Thank you for your help!!

I need help with gladiator sandals!?
allo f the ones you chose were pretty cute but eres some cheaper ones if you like... (see last one)





Reply:This website has some really nice gladiator sandals for under $9.00. http://www.shop2divas.ecrater.... You can save 15% off on your first order! Put code SHOP15OFF in the comments section of PAYPAL or GOOGLE CHECKOUT when ordering. They have very affordable merchandise. Report It

Reply:I love wearing gladiator sandals. The pair in the photo I bought in Greece. They are classified as mens sandals. Very comfy
Reply:I like the second and the last one the best. The others are similar too but okay. My favorite would be the second!

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