Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No one seems to answer my question-- What pair of sandals should I buy???

Either a pair of rainbows which I can get locally for a discounted price of $36 http://www.amazon.com/Rainbow-Sandals-Wo...

or these Nike Free Sandals, which my aunt owns and says they are really super comfortable (i would get them in pink or blue)


No one seems to answer my question-- What pair of sandals should I buy???
I think that the Rainbow sandles are much cuter than the other pair. But if you are choosing comfort over looks, I would get the Nike sandles instead.

Edit: Actually, the Nike ones in pink are adorable!!! So I would TOTALLY reccommend them instead!

Hope I helped!!!
Reply:Nikes, i have some in blue and they are absolutally wonderful. They feel like tennis shoes :)
Reply:the second one in pink!
Reply:go to Jc Penny or Sears they have alot of good leather sandals for a good price, save money in your pocket%26#039;s too
Reply:yer i like the nike ones but i would get them in white ! then they will go with everything
Reply:I would suggest the nike sandals. Personally I would go with blue but that is because I am not partial to pink.
Reply:Why not both if the Nike%26#039;s are free then why can%26#039;t you have both
Reply:get both, if your aunt is giving them for free then buy the other one to, it never enough lol
Reply:Zori%26#039;s. They come in all sorts sizes and of colors for men women and children. But best of all you can get them at Rite-Aide and the 99cent store for only .99 cents. So if you don%26#039;t like em it won%26#039;t hurt (your pocket book) when you throw them away. And for some reason they never seem to go out of style. I%26#039;m 40 and I remeber my grandma wearing em when i was a kid. And if you%26#039;re in Los Angeles in the summer they are what Levi%26#039;s are to us (Los Angelenos) are in winter. We can%26#039;t live with out em.
Reply:oh, get the nike ones. the other ones aren%26#039;t that cute. plus..they are comfy!
Reply:I don%26#039;t like either pair but if i had to choose i would go with the nike ones because they look comfortable ....and maybe would look okay in pink
Reply:get the rainbow ones
Reply:I couldn%26#039;t see the Nike sandals, but I%26#039;m not crazy about the rainbows.

Go with the ones you like best, never mind what other people say!
Reply:go with the rainbows i like them alot better.
Reply:Hmmmm to be honest with you I say BOTH! Why not splurge on yourself especially when they are both the same price so really not one or the other is a better deal not to mention one pair brown/tan the other you would buy in pink/blue.... that way you have more to match many outfits! I%26#039;m sure all your hard work deserves a nice gift to yourself so I say BOTH! Good luck :)
Reply:I think the rainbow sandals are alot cuter...just my preference though
Reply:Get the Nike%26#039;s.

I personally think that the Rainbows are butt ugly.

Also.. anything comfortable means you should go buy it.

I like the Nike Frees.

The best.


hope this helps.
Reply:Nike Free Sandals, they seem comfy and look nice too.
Reply:hey, i think u should get the first one, they look cleaner, and more stylish, you can wear them with almost anything! good luck!
Reply:being a cali chick... rainbows are so much cuter everyone at the beach wears those.

as for the nike if your the sporty type and wear nike shirts alot then i would buy thoes.

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