Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cant Weat Flip-Flops to work, but Sandals are ok??

I was just told that I cant wear flip-flops to work, but sandals are okay?? lol I don%26#039;t get it....the flip flops I have are leather ones with rinestones and look good, but ppl here can wear sandals that I think are pretty much the same, and they look uglier (at least the ones ppl wear hear)

Can you guys explain the difference?

Any cute ideas on something similar I can wear would be great!

Thanks, and I choose best answer = )

Cant Weat Flip-Flops to work, but Sandals are ok??
At the bank I work at they say that they dont allow flip-flops because of the flopping sound they make and they dont look professional. Other sandals make flopping sounds too but I agree they arent proffesional looking :)
Reply:i think the noise flip flops make can make you seem unprofessional at work. i wouldnt want my employees to be flippin and floppin around the work place. wear flats or something they are at about the same comfort level as flip flops.
Reply:Wish I was there. Freezing in Chicago. You have to wear boots here. Anyway we used to call flip-flops %26quot;thongs%26quot;. Ask your boss if you can wear a thong to work. From the looks of you I am sure your boss will say yes. Then you are wearing flip-flops on a technicality. good luck!
Reply:i believe it%26#039;s for OSHA requirements.... if you hit your foot and get injured... that%26#039;s a liability for the company so that%26#039;s why they won%26#039;t let you wear the flip flops

as far as another stlye ... try the sandals that have a low heel on them... they are comfortable and stylish :-)
Reply:wearing sandals at ur job would look tacky. try profesional
Reply:Flip flops are made for the beach, gym, or around the house. They are generally viewed as a very casual shoe.

Without knowing the type of work you do, I can only guess that you are not a lifeguard. In my profession (engineering) these would be considered very un-professional to wear.

Meanwhile, sandals are more dressy. Sandals, especially women%26#039;s, can be dressier than regular shoes.

I hope this helps you.
Reply:Well, I%26#039;m a barista, and my boss doesn%26#039;t allow flip-flops, either. He says its more for safety reasons - spilling hot water or milk on my foot would really hurt! But since you ARE allowed to wear sandals, I%26#039;d suggest something neutral that would go with your uniform (I%26#039;m not sure what you wear), and something comfortable if you%26#039;re on your feet all day. Flats are a great idea, they look cute, they%26#039;re comfortable, and they cover your toes. Or, if you do like sandals, try AE%26#039;s selection of wedges and non-flip-flop sandals! (http://www.ae.com/web/browse/category_fe...

I hope this helps!
Reply:Sandals are strappy, look classy, reveal less of the foot, and there%26#039;s less of a chance of them falling off or breaking.

Flip-flops were really meant for the beach and such.


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